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LEMON HAZE - 350mg 1ML Cartridge FULL-PLANT (< 0.3% THC) (COPY)

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Made with Sativa dominant Pineapple Express containing a 60:40 blend of Sativa and Indica and deriving from the potent Trainwreck and slightly mellower Hawaiian parent strains. Its scent is often described as a fresh apple with mango and it has a citrusy-pineapple flavor with hints of pine and cedar.  

We’ve enhanced the natural flavor of Pineapple Express CBD with a little tropical flair by infusing it with a custom formulated pineapple express terpene. The terpene is steam distilled from a Pineapple Express industrial hemp plant to provide similar flavor profiles without the psychoactive effects.

For a final, finishing touch we added fruity Mango flavor. This creates a wonderful balance similar to a great hoppy beer or a robust wine.